Samuli Naamanka

Graphic concrete is based on the innovation of Interior Architect and Master of Arts Samuli Naamanka (born 1969). In the late 1990s, Samuli began to develop retarders and printing methods to produce artwork and patterns on concrete surfaces after participating in a concrete course at the university.

The inspiration was to create a real industrial product for large-scale surfaces: a tool which could help architects be more visually creative. Traditional methods of producing visual images and patterns on concrete were mainly done by hand and they mostly represented small pieces of art. Eventually the technique he developed was patented and the company Graphic Concrete was born in 2002. The commercialization of the company took place and today graphic concrete® is used internationally.

Samuli is an independent inventor and designer working on many fields of design. He is known for his Clash chair and concepts like “Take Nord Shape”. He won the appreciated Asko-Avonius 2015 award in September 2015 for his achievements in design, environmental culture and enhancing the quality of industrial products. Read more about the award here.