Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

I have a project where I would like to use graphic concrete, where do I start?

Choose a pattern from our collection or design your own. Inform all parties included in the project about the use of GC. Include information about the design chosen in all construction documentation. Get in touch with our local representative, and tell us about the project.

Do you sell concrete elements?

We produce and deliver the membrane only. The elements are cast locally, using local materials.

Are there limits to the size of the element?

The membrane can be continued to fit any element size.

Can you use graphic concrete for in-situ casting?

The membrane is normally used in a horisontal position in order to provide the best results.

How can I make my projects as cost-effective as possible?

The most cost efficient choice is to use a repetitive pattern in high volumes. With regards to the design, there are three basic ways to make the use of graphic concrete more economical:
1. Use a repetitive pattern instead of a unique image
2. The smaller the repetitive pattern (=report) is, the more cost efficient it becomes
3. Using one repetitive pattern in high volumes (m2) decreases the unit price of our membrane

Does the concrete recipe affect the cost?

It doesn’t affect the price of the membrane, but it might affect the price of the concrete. Please ask your local precaster for more information.

Can you help when designing the image?

Yes. We provide instructions for preparing your image for printing; please request the instructions from our office. We also provide assistence when needed. Please contact your assigned project manager for more information.

Who orders the membrane?

The orders are normally made by the prefabrication company.

Who can cast graphic concrete?

In the Nordic countries most of the prefabrication companies are familiar with our product. Elsewhere, we are happy to provide you with the information about suitable prefabrication companies. If you are a prefabricator and wish to get to know our technique, you can download basic information here  or please get in contact with our local representative.