”Is graphic concrete safe to use?” and other frequently asked questions

”Is graphic concrete safe to use?” and other frequently asked questions

We are asked questions all the time about the price, durability and attributes of graphic concrete, as well as the benefits of using it. Many of our clients are curious to know whether the surface is ready as is, what kind of maintenance is required and whether it is expensive to use. Here are answers to some of the questions we have been asked lately.

Where can graphic concrete be used?

Graphic concrete can be used in nearly any concrete element prefabrication process, including sandwich elements. It is ideal for projects in which the concrete surface will be exposed to extreme conditions (e.g. for tall buildings and infrastructure projects), but it can also be used for interiors and art projects. 

Can graphic concrete be used with glass reinforced concrete (GRC)?

We only have good experiences with graphic concrete surfaces made out of fiber or glass reinforced concrete. We work closely with GRC manufacturers around the world. GRC surfaces are particularly suitable for renovation and interior projects due to their thinness and lightness.

How durable are graphic concrete surfaces?

Graphic concrete does not affect the durability of concrete. Graphic concrete surfaces have all the attributes of concrete, so they are just as durable as concrete itself. Durability is always determined by the quality of the concrete. The surface pattern will not wear out over time unless it is exposed to mechanical stress. The colour of the stone also does not change over time. The permanence of colour pigment is determined by the quality of the pigments themselves, and graphic concrete has no effect on this.

Is graphic concrete safe to use?

Graphic concrete is environmentally friendly and a safe part of the concrete element prefabrication process. The graphic concrete membrane does not contain any dangerous substances. In a factory environment the use of a graphic concrete membrane reduces exposure to various solvents, detergents and dust. After use the membrane can be recycled.

How should graphic concrete be maintained?

Compared to other kinds of facade surfaces, graphic concrete is practically maintenance-free. This minimises maintenance expenses over the entire lifecycle of the building. Graphic concrete surfaces can also be treated with concrete and stone protectors, such as impregnation and graffiti protection substances.

Will graphic concrete increase the cost of our project?

A facade always requires a visual look, regardless of what material is used. Graphic concrete is a great choice for a facade because of the visuality it offers, but also it’s cost-efficiency. Graphic concrete saves both time and money, as the elements are delivered ready for installation and there is no need for additional upholstery. When the technical details regarding a project are taken into consideration, a cost-effective solution can always be achieved by planning the details well. Our project consultants always work hard to achieve the most cost-effective solution.

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