Need a speaker for your next event?

Architect and Business Manager Lena Weckström is a devoted speaker and expert on the aesthetics of concrete construction and architectural precast concrete.

Lena has studied Urban Design and Architect...

Uutiset | 6.11.2018

Suomalaiselle innovaatiolle, graafiselle betonille laaja jakelusopimus Pohjois-Amerikkaan


Suomessa ja muissa Pohjoismaissa jo vahvan jalansijan omaava Graphic Concrete Oy laajentaa toimintaansa Yhdysvaltoihin ja Kanadaan. Graphic Concrete Oy on solminut yhteistyösopimuksen AltusGroup Ltd:n kanssa, joka ...

Uutiset | 5.6.2017

Vuoden Betonirakenne 2016 – As Oy Helsingin Viuhka

Betoniyhdistys ry ojensi 19. tammikuuta, 2017 Vuoden Betonirakenne 2016 -palkinnon As Oy...

Uutiset | 20.1.2017

Graphic Concrete Instagramissa!

Olemme hiljattain avanneet Instagram-tilin jakaaksemme tuoreimpia referenssikuviamme ja tarjotaksemme kurkistuksia arkeen graafisen betonin parissa. Meidät löytää palvelusta käyttäjänimellä

Uutiset | 5.8.2016

GCPersonnel summer vacations

Dear partner, 

The summer vacation season is just around t...

| 4.7.2016

Kesäajan yhteystiedot

Toimistomme hiljenee pian kesän viettoon, ja olemme kiinni 18.-24.7.2016. Muina aikoina voit soittaa kiireellisissä asioissa numeroon +358 9 68420092 tai lähettää sähköpostia osoitteeseen 

Uutiset | 4.7.2016

Päivittyneet yhteystiedot ja kontaktihenkilöt

Olemme kevään mittaan uudistaneet toimintaamme tarjotaksemme myynti- ja jakelijaverkostollemme tehokkaammat toimintamallit, sekä palvellaksemme olemassaolevia ja uusia asiakkaitamme entistä paremmin.

Alta löydät päivittyneet kontaktihenkil...

Uutiset | 25.5.2016

Graphic Concrete @Architect'16 in Bangkok, Thailand

Graphic Concrete is currently presented at Premier Products stand at Architect'16 exhibition (ASEAN Building Exposition). The exhibition is held in Bangkok, Thailand and it's open from 26.04 to 01.05.16 at IMPACT Exhibition Center. 

/ GCMa...

| 27.4.2016

Pattern Statement to minimize IPR infringements

Pattern design is a challenging business in regards to IP rights. To minimize the possible IPR infringements, we have now prepared GCPattern Statement to confirm that we have done our utmost to secure that the patterns printed on our membrane, do ...

| 4.4.2016

Concrete art by Anu Torikka

Graphic concrete is originally created for large scale industrial surfaces but the technique enables also production of unique art pieces. Compared to the traditional method of applying surface retarder on the bottom of the mould, the artist desig...

| 14.3.2016

GCGlobalMeeting 2.-3.3.2016 Agenda

Welcome to GCGlobalMeeting 2016 from 2nd to 3rd of March!

Below you can find the agenda for the meeting. Read carefully through the agenda, as well as the following instructions:


Each o...

| 3.2.2016

Kehäradan taide – Vuoden Ympäristötaidekohde 2015

Ympäristötaiteen säätiö ojensi vuoden 2015 ympäristötaidekohteen kunniakirjan Ke...

Uutiset | 2.2.2016

Delay with new GCReferenceBooks

We were very delighted to finally receive our new GCReferenceBooks last Wednesday just to notice that the back cover of the book did not match with our order. Therefore we'll have to wait some two more weeks to finally be able to deliver you our b...

| 29.1.2016

Rødkilde Gymnasium in The Building Centre UK's eShot

The Building Centre UK has published our article concerning one of our newest references in Denmark, Rødkilde Gymnasium, in their latest eShot. You can read the article

| 19.1.2016

GCGlobalMeeting Invitation

Dear Graphic Co...

| 8.12.2015

Graphic Concrete office is closed on 10th to 11th December due to internal training

Graphic Concrete HQ will be closed on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th December due to an internal training. The office phone will not be answered during this time. In urgent matters, please leave an sms or voicemail to the person in question. We wil...

| 8.12.2015

Reference with Veggie pattern under construction in Australia

First graphic concrete reference with Veggie pattern, a supermarket, is under construction in Australia. The company responsible for the casting was HVAR Steel Services - a company that has only really started in precast after a long history in in...

| 3.12.2015

Instructions for image & logo sharing

Graphic concrete brand is our biggest asset and we want to keep our brand identity coherent. Therefore we are very strict with where and how our brand is being presented. To avoid unpleasant situations with our customers due to innapprorpiate bran...

| 2.12.2015

Congratulations HeroCrete - the very first GCReference has been built in Moscow!

The first graphic concrete reference in Russia has seen the daylight. The project was a great example of how much the markets can differ from each other and how fast the process can proceed. We got the information regarding this project in the end...

| 26.10.2015

Rakennuslehti article criticising concrete building

Last Friday, 23rd October, Rakennuslehti (biggest construction publication in Finland) published an article with a topic "how did we build better houses a century ago compared to today? The article is handling the construction physics seminar that...

| 26.10.2015

Aika kuluu, graafinen betoni kestää

Kävimme viime viikolla vierailulla kolmessa referenssikohteessamme, jotka lukeutuvat vanhimpien kohteidemme joukkoon. Iloksemme saimme todeta, että vaikka aikaa kuluu, graafinen betoni näyttää yhtä hyvältä kuin juuri valettuna. Graafisen betonin p...

| 19.10.2015

Last missing member of GCTeam is back in business

Finally our forces are full as our last team member Katja Berglund has returned from her maternity leave. Katja is strenghtening our architectural knowledge as well as experience in pattern design. 

We're very happy to get Katja back!

| 8.10.2015

Forskerparken Cortex - Great example how to use GCCollection patterns on the whole facade

Officially opened by the Queen of Denmark on 25th September and designed by Creo Arkitekter, Forskerparken Cortex is - as it's name already indicates - a science park that is located in Cortex Park in the new Silicon Valley of municipality Odense....

| 5.10.2015

Graphic Concrete is now presented also in Germany

We're delighted to inform you that our head count is growing again with one person. Our newest team member Claudia El Ahwany will be taking care of the German market focusing in the begiining to Southern Germany. Claudia has a broad experience in ...

| 30.9.2015

GC Headquarter forces almost full

We've had now almost a full week to enjoy the company of Linda Hirvonen, our Project Coordinator. Linda is not, however, a new beginner at GC. On the contrary, she has worked in the company for longest and has now just returned from her maternity ...

| 7.9.2015

Asko Avonius -palkinto 2015 Graafisen Betonin keksijälle

Arvostettu Asko Avonius -palkinto 2015 on myönnetty Graafisen Betonin luojalle, sisustusarkkitehti Samuli Naamangalle. Palkinnon saaja julkistettiin t...

Uutiset | 1.9.2015

Largest Graphic Concrete reference presented in "Beton"-magazine

Via Campus area in Århus, Denmark, is so far the largest Graphic Concrete reference with its close to 20 000 m2 Graphic Concrete facade. Read more about the reference in Danish "Bet...

| 20.8.2015

Website visitors: TOP10 countries

Here's a short website statistics update!

It seems that during the first half of 2015 Finnish (18.61 %), Russian (11.89 %) and...

| 4.8.2015

Global events & exhibitions - inform us what is happening in your market!

New season with new challenges is about to start. If you're planning on an event or participating an exhibition, let us know and we can help you to market it to a greater audience. Just tell us when and where and the event / exhibition will be add...

| 28.7.2015

Graphic Concrete in photograph exhibition "Paseo de los Tristes" in Helsinki

Today, 24th July opens a photograph exhibition of Finnish artist Minna Parkkinen in Forum Box, Helsinki.  

The exhibition contains still images from short films filmed by artist Minna Parkkinen. What makes the images special is that they h...

| 23.7.2015

GCGlobal Meeting is POSTPONED

Due to the recent organizational changes, we will still need some time for preparing the strategy for the following years. Therefore we see it necessary to postpone our Global Meeting from the beginning of October. As s...

| 3.7.2015

Architect@work is a concept made for Graphic Concrete

We began June with exhibiting at architect@work Copenhagen. It was the first edition in Scandinavia - the concept itself is already some years old. The first impression was good. 1343 visitors, which seemed to be mainly architects and altogether 9...

| 15.6.2015

Kimmo Knaapila Graphic Concreten johtoon 1.6.2015 alkaen

Knaapila tulee tehtävään Elfa Kirena Oy:n maajohtajan tehtävästä. Hän on toiminut uransa aikana useiden arkkitehdeille suunnattujen brändien parissa kuten Artek, Piiroinen, Vitra,...

Uutiset | 15.6.2015

Architect@work Copenhagen opens today!

First edition of Architect@Work Copenhagen is opening today. At the same time we're launching our new GCExhibitionC...

| 3.6.2015

Meet Teemu Kesävaara, GC's new Export Director!

"My greetings to our partners!

If you ever ask me how I am, the answer is I’m having the time o...

| 2.6.2015

HeroCrete at ArchMoscow 2015

Greeting from Marina Yurova / HeroCrete! Marina, Harry Herzog and co. are currently exhibiting at ArchMoscow2015. The stand is completely covered with Graphic Concrete. We're looking forward to hear what is the outcome of the exhibition!


| 28.5.2015

Ulappatori on the long list of WAN Awards Concrete Building category

Our award winning reference, Ulappatori residential area in Espoo has been nominated for the WAN Award in the category of Concrete Building. Next step will be the short list which will be revealed on 30th June. The Award ceremony will take place o...

| 15.5.2015

Graphic Concrete Middle East launch received a lot of media publicity

Just few days after the succesful Middle East launch in the Finnish Embassy of Abu Dhabi, Graphic Concrete and Versatile have received a lot of media publicity. Articles available below:

| 15.5.2015

Graphic Concrete officially launched in Middle East

In the history of Graphic Concrete as well as Graphic Concrete's Dubai based partner Versatile, Tuesday 12th May will stay as a great day. On this date, Graphic Concrete was officially launched in Middle Eastern market at the Finnish Em...

Uutiset | 13.5.2015

Our production is partly closed in July

Please notice that our production is partly closed in July. All orders that need to be delivered before the vacation should be sent in by the beginning of June. 

If you need further information or help with your project, please do not hesi...

| 27.4.2015

Graphic Concrete shows who is allowed to walk in the city in Sweden

Karlstad community in Sweden wanted to show it's habitants that everyone is welcome to its street. They decided to use Graphic Concrete to communicate this. Louise Thyberg from Sweco Architects was responsible for the design whereas Starka Betonge...

| 13.4.2015

Global meeting 2015 is approaching!

We're planning on having our next global meeting on 30.9-2.10.2015. Please save the initial dates on your calendar. Detailed schedule and content will be shared closer to the event. We're looking forward to meet you all there!


| 13.4.2015

Apartments are being sold with Graphic Concrete!!

It's about time that construction companies understand the added value Graphic Concrete is giving for the buildings and apartments located inside of it. Helsingin Sanomat (biggest newspaper in Finland) published yesterday 12. April an apartment ad...

| 13.4.2015

New GCSampleMembrane pieces are available now!

Due to numerous requests, we have decided to produce A5 sized GCSampleMembrane pieces for marketing purposes. These membrane pieces are without actual retarder but work perfectly together with a sample slab when demonstrating our ...

| 26.3.2015

Graphic Concrete event in Finnish embassy in Abu Dhabi on 12th May

Our UAE and GCC Graphic Concrete ambassador Versatile is arranging a Graphic Concrete launch event for 30 architects / engineers / prefabs on 12th May in Abu Dhabi The idea is to introduce Graphic Concrete to the most important and influential pro...

| 18.3.2015

Renewed GCDesignInstructions available

Our renewed GCDesignInstructions will be available on our Extranet from on Wednesday 18th March. As we want to be part of the design process from the early stages...

| 16.3.2015

Two new award entries: LEAF Awards & WAN Awards

We have made following two award entries:

WAN Awards, Concrete in architecture: Ulappatori. The lost list will be published on 16th June, short list on 30th June. ...

| 12.3.2015

Chryso UK is actively taking part in different exhibitions and fairs events

UK Graphic Concrete ambassador Tim Brookfield's calendar looks full. Since the beginning of the year Chryso UK has participated to architect@work London in January, Surface Design Awards in the beginning of February and later the same month to Con...

| 12.3.2015

HeroCrete (RU) is arranging an event around architectural concrete

Graphic Concrete will be presented to Russian Architects on 17th April in Moscow at HeroCrete event  "the Day of Architectural Concrete". The day consist of a seminar and practical demonstartion how to cast Graphic Concrete. The aim is to get 100-...

| 12.3.2015

An article about Graphic Concrete on Iltalehti.fi

An article about us was published yesterday evening on Iltalehti.fi, one of the two big tabloids published in Finland. The article is well written, and comments are mainly positive. It has also been noted in the c...

| 6.3.2015

Our new Export Director has started today 2nd March

Our forces servoce forces have increased with one person as Teemu Kesävaara started as our Export Director today. You can read more about Teemu via his own introduction.

| 2.3.2015

Celine Aupetit at CHYSO France moves on to new challenges

To our regret we announce that Celine Aupetit has decided to move on to new chalenges outside Chryso France. Caliopi Charalambous will take over Celine's tasks. Caliopi has been working with Celine since last autumn and is therefore familiar with ...

| 2.3.2015

GCBrandManual is READY!

Lots of hard work was demanded - now GCBrandManual is finaly ready! Great thanks go to our summer temp, graphical design student Annika Jaakkola who has put a lot of time and effort to gather all the information and to find best possible ways to p...

| 20.2.2015

We're very pleased to introduce Tim Brookfield, new Graphic Concrete contact from Chryso UK

As some of you might have heard, Tim Barrel got a great offer and left Chryso UK just before Christmas. Peter was really fast in finding him a replacement, funnily enough, Tim as well - Tim Brookfield. Tim has been working for Chryso UK now for so...

| 20.2.2015

Graphic Concrete and Semba Center Building presented in Opus C

Opus C is an international magazine directed to architects, designers, planners and ingenieurs who are working with concrete. Their aim is to give new ideas about the possibilities concrete has to offer. We were lucky to get our Semba Center Build...

| 20.2.2015

Export Director starting on 1st March

We're very delighted to inform you that our headcount is crowing with one. Our new Export Director Teemu Kesävaara will start on 1st March. Teemu will be responsible for growing our sales and sales network globally excluding Scandinavia, Baltics a...

| 16.2.2015

Good news from London!

Yesterday Ospedale Giovanni XXIII Chapel won not one, but two prizes at the Surface Design Award...

| 13.2.2015

Surface Design Awards Supreme -palkinnon voittaja 2015: Ospedale Giovanni XXIII kappeli

Traversi + Traversi Architettin ja Aymeric Zublenan suunnittelema Ospedale Giovanni XXIII kappeli Italian Bergamossa on voittanut sekä oman luokkansa "julkise...

Uutiset | 13.2.2015

Lena is currently at Surface Design Show in London

Lena is from Tuesday 10th to Friday 13th at Surface Design Show supporting Chryso at their stand but also to meet their new GC representative Tim. In the afternoon of Thursday 12th Surface Design Awards will take place and we're keeping our finger...

| 11.2.2015

Länsisatamankatu 23 on vuoden 2014 Betonirakenne

Suomen Betoniyhdistys palkitsi tammikuun 22. päivä Heka Länsisatamankatu 23:n vuoden 2014 Betonirakenteeksi. Onnittelut Huttunen Lipasti Pakkanen Arkkitehdit! Sileän betonipinnan aikaansaamiseksi kohteen ...

Uutiset | 3.2.2015

Katja started her maternity leave

Last Friday, 30. January was Katja's last day at work before starting her maternity leave. She left her open opportunities mainly to Harri; Chryso UK is now on Lena's responsibility. Katja is planning to return back to work in October 2015.

| 3.2.2015

Graphic Concrete at architect@work London

Thanks to Chryso UK and Peter Lawrence, Graphic Concrete got it's place in the spotlight at architect@work London last week (21st to 22nd Jan.).  GCCollection Birch panel was presented at SCIN Gallery stand. We'll look froward to get the feedback ...

| 29.1.2015

Graphic Concrete now also in architonic.com

Since Monday 27th Jan. our products have been in architonic material library.  It's the biggest online material library with it's 1,5 Million visitors monthly. Please kee...

| 28.1.2015

Graphic Concrete Architect@work Copenhagen participation has been confirmed

Architect@work judging panel has had their meeting last Friday 23rd January and they have approved our participation to architect@work Copenhagen in June 2015. Katja is finishing the design and it will be published here next week. The design will ...

| 28.1.2015

Greetings from BAU Munich

Heavy, but fruitful week of BAU2015 is behind. We received a lot of new international as well as german contacts - both architects and precasters. During this week we'll be contacting them all by email and sending them material if agreed so during...

| 27.1.2015

The world's largest architecture practices 2015

Are you interested in knowing which are the largest and most interesting architecture practices in the world? Check out the research.

| 19.1.2015

New reference in Brisbane

There's a brand new reference, Westfield Garden City from Australia added on our website. Credits for John!

| 12.1.2015

Newsletter statistics 2014

2014 behind and new year ahead. Good time to make promises how things will be improved during the year.  We're reaching a huge amount of architects with our newsletter, but there's still room for improvement. Attached you'll find an excel sheet wi...

| 5.1.2015

Harri & Lila will represent GC in BAU2015 on 21.-23. January

Polycon will participate BAU 2015 with fairly big stand mainly built with Graphic Concrete and therefore we have got a possibility to be present at their stand. We have invited 6000 German / Austrian / Swiss architects to visit the stand and get t...

| 5.1.2015

Reckli has published their first reference produced in similar method as Graphic Concrete

As we all know, Reckli has developed their own "graphic concrete" membrane for some while. Recently they've published their first Reckli Artico reference which is located in the Netherlands. We haven't yet been able to get their membrane in our ha...

| 30.12.2014

Graphic Concrete in Leaf Review 18/2014

Graphic Concrete is present in the newest issue of Leaf Review with Ulappatori. Check out the article.

| 29.12.2014

Graphic Concrete on yksi Suomen kehittyvimmistä yrityksistä 2014

Ratkaisutoimisto Seedin tutkimustuloksien perusteella Graphic Concrete on yksi Suomen kehittyvimmistä yrityksistä. Tulos perustuu Seedin suorittamaan tutkimukseen, jossa jatkettiin Ra...

Uutiset | 17.12.2014

New Graphic Concrete embassadors in India, the Netherlands, Turkey and United Arab Emirates

We are delighted to introduce our new Graphic Concrete embassadors in India, the Netherlands, Turkey and United Arab Emirates. 

We are very happy to see the interest in Graphic Concrete around the world and new references being built in ev...

Uutiset | 2.12.2014

Enjoy Concrete Head Office - winner of FEBE Element Award 2014 in category “Precast in Buildings"

The Belgian Precast Concrete Federation has named the Enjoy Concrete head office in Veurne, Belgium , as 2014 Precast Concrete Building of the Year. The head...

Uutiset | 1.12.2014

As Oy Lahden Pehtoori vastaanottanut Apolikukan 2014

Vesijärvenkatu 21, Lahdessa sijaitseva Asunto Oy Lahden Pehtoori sai Lahden Arkkitehtipoliittisen ohjelman ohjausryhmän myöntämän Apolikukan 2014 keskiviikkona 26.11.2014. Apolitunnustus on myönnetty Lahdessa 2010 vuodesta lähtien.

Uutiset | 28.11.2014

Graphic Concrete is in the finals at Surface Design Awards

Graphic Concrete has made it to the finals at Surface Design Awards in two different categories. The nominated projects are “Ulappatori...

Uutiset | 28.11.2014

Ulappatori awarded at Iconic Awards 2014

The Ulappatori project has been recognised as Best of Best in the “Façade Product” category and Winner in the “Domestic Architecture” category at the Iconic A...

Uutiset | 16.10.2014

Ulappatori awarded at Iconic Awards 2014

The Ulappatori project has been recognised as Best of Best in the “Façade Product” category and Winner in the “Domestic Architecture” category at the Iconic Awar...
Lehdistötiedotteet | 7.10.2014

2014 Iconic Awards Best of Best: Ulappatori housing

Ulappatori has been awarded Best of Best in the Façade Product category and Winner in the Domestic Architecture category at 2014 Iconic Aw...

Uutiset | 17.7.2014

Ulappatori featured on Archello

Ulappatori project has been selected for featuring on Archello's homepage. Go check it out.
Uutiset | 18.6.2014

Birds, ornaments and florals – introducing our new designs

More ornaments and figurative patterns have been added to the GCCollection™. Together with selected designers we have expanded our ready-made pattern collection to offer even more versatility to designers and architects. To create more unique solutio...
Uutiset | 17.3.2014

Urban hideaway with graphic concrete in the heart of London

Viewpoint offers Londoners a chance to escape the hectic city life on a unique man-made hide-away isle in Camley Street Natu...
Uutiset | 19.2.2014

New representative in Denmark

We welcome architect Hanne Højgaard-Sørensen as our representative in Denmark. Hanne takes care of our Danish projects consulting architects, builders and prefabrication into the world of graphic concrete.  Please contact Hanne by phone +45 (0)22 ...

Uutiset | 31.1.2014

Making a concrete impression at Surface Design Show in London

Come meet us at the Surface Design Show in London 4.-6. of February. You can find us at stand number IC / 4, see you there!More information from
Uutiset | 27.1.2014

Graphic Concrete in Berlin

Our Consulting Architect and head of marketing and communication Jutta Telivuo will be speaking at the opening seminar of Ausstellung mit Vorträgen on Thursday 23.01.2014 at 7.50 pm in Berlin. The material exhibition will be open from 23.01. - 30.01....
Uutiset | 21.1.2014

Come meet us at Materials Day 14 in Stockholm, Sweden

Graphic Concrete will be present at Materials Day 14 (Materialdagen 14) on 3-4 December at Stockholmsmässan. Come meet us, see our new GCCollection™ patterns, and find out more about all the possibilities Graphic Concrete offers. Our local representa...
Uutiset | 2.12.2013

GCCollection™ – 28 new patterns

We are adding 28 new ready-made patterns to our GCCollection™, which now consists of 63 elegant and timeless patterns. We want our collection to inspire architects and designers designing exposed aggregate concrete facades, slabs and concept products...
Uutiset | 25.10.2013

Viking concrete on Jelling Mounds in Jutland

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark inaugurates new monument area
The village of Jelling in Denmark is known for its Viking Age ruins dating back to the 1100s. A new monument area was recently created around the Jelling burial mounds in Jutland using ...
Uutiset | 11.9.2013

New representative in Sweden

We welcome Göran Andreasson as our new representative in the Swedish market area. Göran's previous position was as the Head of Communication at Cementa. He will be ...

Uutiset | 19.8.2013

Making a concrete impression in Milan Design Week 2013

Graphic Concrete is excited to be present at Milan Design Week 2013. You can find us at the Meet My Project Milan event at Studio Next from 9th to 14th of April. This time graphic concrete is implemented in a bench system called 'Meteor Graphic' desi...
Uutiset | 5.4.2013

Graphic Concrete at Materialdagen 2013 in Stockholm

Graphic Concrete is present at Materialdagen 2013 in Stockholm on March 21st arranged by Materialbiblioteket (the Materials Library). Architects, designers and product developers gather to hear about the upcoming trends and key materials in future co...
Uutiset | 20.3.2013

New Graphic Concrete website launched

We are very delighted to announce the launch of our renewed website!
The layout and contents have been totally transformed. We hope you appreciate the new look and improved navigation, which makes it even easier to find all the information you n...
Uutiset | 28.2.2013

Helsingin Tervapääskynen wins prize for durable stone construction

The residential building Helsingin Tervapääskynen designed by architects Helamaa&Pulkkinen Oy has been awarded the Kestävä Kivitalo 2012 prize for durable stone construction. The building also features graphic concrete used in the building’s retai...

Uutiset | 4.12.2012

Graphic Concrete at Radical Design Week Shanghai

Please meet graphic concrete® and the Innovator Designer Samuli Naamankaat Radical Design Week Shanghai the 26th of October to 4th of November!
Uutiset | 25.10.2012

Graphic Concrete Ltd in New York

SCENARIOS, supported by Design Forum, is being organized by the Finnish Cultural institute in New York and the Consulate General of Finland in New York. SCENARIOS is part of a New Finnish Design project that was launched in 2007.

The invent...

Estonian architects awarded for the innovative use of graphic concrete™

Arhitektuuribüroo Salto OÜ and the design bureau Laika, Belka & Strelka OÜ received the first Special Prize in the 11th 'Concrete Building of the Year' competition at Concrete Day, held on the 10th of March 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia. The prize was giv...
Lehdistötiedotteet | 28.3.2011

Graphic Concrete Ltd awarded for Best Material 2011

graphic concrete™ by Graphic Concrete Ltd was awarded Best Material 2011 at the Material Xperience in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The theme for Material Xperience (Feb 7-11th 2011), organized by Materia and Architectenweb, was ‘Adding Value’. The jury ...
Lehdistötiedotteet | 18.2.2011

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