Josep Guinovart Primary School


“The building is a school, a primary school where children start to learn about what numbers are and what they mean in our world. You can deal with numbers nearly every day; you have to calculate, remember the telephone number of your friends and family, computer language is based on numbers. You find them everywhere: mathematics, physics, and so on. We want to show that they are not only scientific; numbers can be decorative, and they can be art. It always depends on one’s personal point of view."

Ute Müncheberg, Architect, Pich-Aguilera Architects

Architecture: Pich-Aguilera
Color: Light
Pattern: Designer's own Repeating pattern
Prefabrication: Hormigones Prefabricados de España S.L.U.
Address: Arcadi Balaguer 27, Castelldefels, 08860
Type: Educational Building
Year: 2010

Graphic Concrete Ltd
Itälahdenkatu 18 C, 5 fl. FI-00210 Helsinki
Tel: +358 (0)40 621 2200
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