Graphic Concrete is in the finals at Surface Design Awards

Graphic Concrete has made it to the finals at Surface Design Awards in two different categories. The nominated projects are “Ulappatori” which is competing in the category of housing exterior surface and “Ospedale Giovanni” that is competing in the category of public interior surface.

The residential area Ulappatori in Espoo, Finland was designed by Arkkitehtitoimisto Petri Rouhiainen Oy, and the pattern by Aimonomia Oy. The chapel Ospedale Giovanni in Bergamo, Italy is a feat of Traversi + Traversi Architetti in cooperation with Architect Aymeric Zublena.

Thirty five projects from around the world have been shortlisted for the prestigious 2015 Surface Design Awards.

The Surface Design Awards recognize examples of progressive design and the use of innovative surfaces in projects both in the UK and internationally. This year 40% of the finalists are projects from outside the UK covering 11 different countries.

The winner of each category along with the winner of the Supreme Award, which in the judge’s opinion stands out for its excellence, will be announced at a presentation held at Surface Design Show 2015 on Thursday 12 February at the Business Design Centre, London.

News | 04.11.2014

Ulappatori awarded at Iconic Awards 2014

The Ulappatori project has been recognised as Best of Best in the “Façade Product” category and Winner in the “Domestic Architecture” category at the Iconic Awards 2014 international architecture competition. Architect Petri Rouhiainen and Graphic Concrete’s Harri Lanning were accepting the award in München in the beginning of October. Read more from our press release!

News | 16.10.2014

Graphic concrete façade of Collège Crevin in France inspired by famous artists and scientists

An impressive new school building with a 350-square-metre graphic concrete façade was inaugurated on Friday 5 September in Bretagne, France. The façade depicts 28 famous persons from Bretagne, including the author Colette, the artist Clotilde Vautier, the film director Charles Vanel and the poet Gilles Fournel.


The façade of the Collège Crevin was designed by architect Jean-Francois Golhen (Jean-Francois Golhen Architecte), for whom the surrounding environment is an important factor when selecting the location, style and techniques used in the implementation of each project. Golhen describes the Collège Crevin as being one of the largest graphic concrete projects in Europe. It is also the first project in which Golhen himself has used graphic concrete.


The design was realised by rasterising photos of the famous artists and scientists and then transferring the images onto the surface of the concrete using the membrane technique patented by Graphic Concrete Oy.


This technique enables the image to be reproduced accurately regardless of weather conditions or the viewing angle,” says Jean-Francois Golhen. “It offers unlimited opportunities to play with different colours and patterns. The design can be seen from afar, and the result is similar to a print.


The Collège Crevin is an upper secondary school with 600 pupils. The buildings cover 4800 square metres. Construction began in May 2013 and was completed in June 2014. More images and details on the reference page.

News | 14.10.2014

2014 Iconic Awards Best of Best: Ulappatori housing

Ulappatori has been awarded Best of Best in the Façade Product category and Winner in the Domestic Architecture category at 2014 Iconic Awards. The German Design Council’s cross-disciplinary architectural competition took place for the second time this year.

The residential area in Espoo Finland comprises five buildings designed by Arkkitehtitoimisto Petri Rouhiainen Oy. “The buildings are handsome and impressive. When you look at the detailing up close, you notice how much care and attention has been paid to the urban landscape”, says the architect Petri Rouhiainen.

Graphic concrete was used in the entire façade to create a durable and beautiful built environment for this urban redevelopment project. The organic patterns soften the massive scale of the buildings. This architectural solution for the residential area has created a popular landmark that generates wellbeing for the community.

The inspiration for the patterns came from the site’s proximity to the sea. “The patterns on the façade of the building will be looked at for decades or even centuries. With graphic concrete, the designer can participate in creating a rich and diverse built environment,” says Aimo Katajamäki, who designed the patterns.

The award ceremony for the 2014 Iconic Awards will take place on October 6 during the Expo Real trade fair at the BMW-Welt in Munich. The Best of Best awards for individual competition categories, as well as special prizes and the honorary prize will be presented as part of the award ceremony.

For further information on the Iconic Awards visit German Design Council.

News | 17.07.2014

Ulappatori featured on Archello

Ulappatori project has been selected for featuring on Archello’s homepage. Go check it out.

News | 18.06.2014

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