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Design your Pattern

Whatever your mind imagines and you can draw on a paper, you can place on any precast concrete and create a stunning iconic facade or surface. 

Designing a pattern for a Graphic Concrete surface is relatively simple. A well-functioning pattern however requires some knowledge regarding repetition, contrast and e.g. use of rasters. 

Pay special attention to viewing distances, colours and contrasts. Consider how you want the image to appear. A good design is one that can be viewed from afar while revealing more detail the closer you get. Colours and contrasts play an important role in bringing out the details: changing the aggregate and/or cement colour offers a vast amount of variation in the overall effect.

Below we have gathered instructions and tips for designing. It is worthwhile contacting us in the early stages of the project, so we can ensure the best possible outcome and cost-effective result for your design. 

What to consider when designing a Graphic Concrete pattern


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Wan't to learn to design Graphic Concrete? Download our Design Instructions.

  • Learn the Graphic Concrete design process
  • Learn how to prepare the print-ready file
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