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Design your Project

Graphic Concrete is suitable for prefabricated concrete products that are cast horizontally. Typical applications include facades, partition walls, supporting walls, noise walls and concrete slabs. It is suitable for all sizes of concrete panels and slabs and does not require the use of special concrete mix designs. The technology cannot be used for in-situ casting.

 Whether you select one of our ready-made repeating patterns or decide to create your own design, we recommend contacting us at the very start of the design process so that we can help you find the optimal solution.

We will help you make your project a success. We have experience of over 1000 projects worldwide. For inspiration, take a look at our reference projects. 

Your next steps


Design a pattern of your own or choose from our extensive range of GCCollection patterns.


Send your preliminary sketches to your Graphic Concrete contact for consultation and a price estimate.


After finalizing the concrete panel division and the pattern/image and placement, send a drawing in scale to your contact for final consulting.


Discuss concrete mix designs with a local precster. Write your specification.


Fine tune the concrete mix design with the awarded precaster. Prepare the shop drawings for production. If you designed the pattern, send the print-ready file to your Graphic Concrete contact.


The awarded precaster orders the membrane directly from Graphic Concrete. The leed time is approx 1 month. The precaster produces the final product as specified.

Areas of application

Noice barriers / sound walls

Special panel solutions


Pavers and floors





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