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Graphic Concrete allows you to impart nearly any pattern, image or design onto precast surfaces. It opens up an unlimited range of design possibilities with the renowned resilience of precast concrete.


The technology transfers custom or stock graphics as a surface retarder via membrane placed at the bottom of the precast form. After the concrete is cured and extracted from the form, the retarder is washed away, revealing an image that results from the contrast between the fair-faced (smooth) surface and the exposed aggregate surface. It is as durable and maintenance-free as concrete itself.


You can select various aggregates and pigments to dramatically expand possibilities in the finished surface. Precast concrete has a new look. And it’s more beautiful than ever.


The designer chooses a pattern from our GCCollection or designs a unique pattern or image.


Graphic Concrete prints the pattern/ image on the special Graphic Concrete membrane and ships it to the local precaster.


The local precaster produces the concrete using the Graphic Concrete membrane in the production.


The assembly ready Graphic Concrete is shipped to the site and installed.