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 A Graphic Concrete pattern is 100% concrete; and as durable as the concrete itself. It stays beautiful and needs no specific maintenance, saving costs during the whole lifespan of the building.  


As opposed to using a formliner, the Graphic Concrete membrane does not require increasing the thickness of the panel. This minimizes the use of concrete, keeping the panel as slim and light as possible. This will save not only on material, but also on transportation and installation costs.


Advantages - Why choose Graphic Concrete

Easy to use

The membrane is disposable and flexible to use; it can be cut into small sheets or larger pieces can be joined together. There are no limitations to the panel sizes.

The membrane can be used with different types of concrete (traditional/self compacting/GFRC/UHPC).

It requires no special equipment. A factory that can make exposed aggregate surfaces can also make Graphic Concrete.

The exposure is very fine,  so it does not require any structural adjustments. 

Environmentally friendly

The Graphic Concrete membrane is an environmentally friendly product. The membrane is recyclable and safe to use.
It does not emit any harmful gas or chemicals. It reduces the use of solvent based materials and dust inconvenience during production.
It does not have any effect in regards to the environmental load of a building. We have LEED Platinum references.
Print list of advantages (pdf)
See Safety Sheet (pdf)


The Graphic Concrete surface is finished and assembly-ready directly after production.
It reduces the need for additional material use on the facade such as cladding, treatments or paints.
It also reduces the need for additional scaffolding at the construction site, minimizes disruptions at the site and saves time during construction.
The outcome is 100 % made of concrete and the surface is as durable as concrete itself. A Graphic Concrete surface is virtually maintenance free, which saves costs during the whole lifespan of the building.

Why choose precast concrete? 
We could go on for hours, but let´s start with quality, versatility, sustainability, strength, durability and lower lifetime costs.

  • Since precast is manufactured in a controlled casting environment it is easier to control the mix, placement, curing and quality.
  • With the ability to so tightly control the process, from materials to consolidation to curing, you can get extremely durable concrete.
  • Weather is eliminated as a factor—you can cast in any weather and get the same results, which allows you to perfect mixes and methods.
  • Since a precaster can buy materials for multiple projects, quantity discounts can lower costs.
  • Repeatability—it's easy to make many copies of the same precast product; by maximizing repetition, you can get plenty of value from a mold and a set-up.
  • On site, precast can be installed immediately, there is no waiting for it to gain strength and the modularity of precast products makes installation go quickly.
  • Most materials for precast products can be obtained locally, so there is no need to import materials from thousands of miles away.
  • As with many concrete products, precast is easy to crush and recycle for use as aggregate. Precast concrete units can also be disassembled in an existing structure and moved.
  • Precast concrete systems greatly reduce unnecessary building materials from ever reaching a project site.