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With the Graphic Concrete technology, you can create stunning precast surfaces;
smooth as velvet, fully exposed or patterned.

Want to make a concrete impression?

With Graphic Concrete that is possible. Wherever you are, whatever you want. With the help of our technology, you can do it. You can bring the design concept all the way to the precast concrete surface, as a strong statement or a subtle backdrop.

You choose. Only your imagination is the limit.



A smooth surface is achieved when casting on an empty membrane. The special GCSmooth membrane transforms the concrete surface into velvety soft and slightly shiny. We especially recommend this treatment for precast white concrete.




GCExpose is an environmentally friendly option for making exposed aggregate surfaces. Unlike acid etch, sandblast, or liquid retarders, the fully retarded GCExpose membrane emits no harmful gas or chemicals and is safe to use. It reduces the use of solvent based materials and dust inconvenience during production. You can choose from various exposure depths.


Design your own pattern

If you want to design your own pattern or image, look below for more information. Download our Design Instructions and learn about size, scale, testing your pattern, and how to make the print ready material. And remember, please contact us with any question, large or small! 

Download Design Instructions


Do you have a project and need consultation?

You will find our contact details here or fill in the form and tell us a bit about your project and we will get back to you.