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Kehärata Railway Soundbarrier Vantaa


The Kehärata Railroad, inaugurated in 2015, is one of the most significant projects for mass transportation in the Helsinki metropolitan area in recent years. Its 18 km-long track connects Helsinki City Centre with the Helsinki Airport. Various works of art are integrated along the tracks and in the train stations. These include the Graphic Concrete murals designed by industrial designer Mikko Rikala.

The Foundation for Environmental Art selected the artworks of the Kehärata Railroad as its environmental art winner in 2015. Its purpose is to thank and encourage both designers and builders who invest in environmental art.

According to the Foundation, the art of Kehärata shows that its creator understood the importance of a unique and attractive environment for those on the railroad. In recognizing the artwork, the Foundation goes so far as to say that, even though the art may be but a small element in such a prominent project, it is of great importance for the train passengers.