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Risvollan Borettslag Administration Building


Risvollan is an example of a good "everyday building" that is tailored to the needs of the users and which allows the passers-by to stop and study the building's facade in Graphic Concrete that appears to be both robust and refined.

Risvollan is a distinctive living area in Trondheim, Norway, built out in the 1970s, with typical modular low-rise blocks clad with wooden panels. The new administration building is given a shape and scale that corresponds to the existing low blocks - but which at the same time stands out with another material use and a different facade expression than the housing blocks.

The graphics in the facade show abstracted motifs from the machines in the workshop and natural elements from the surrounding area of Risvollan. The pattern is seen as a continuous surface at a distance, but at the same time is precise and detailed when you get closer.

The first floor of the building is covered with matt aluminum plates that contrast and emphasize the concrete facade. Graphic Concrete in combination with prefabricated sandwich constructions and concrete support systems has provided a rational construction process and at the same time an expression that helps to create variation and identity within an area with a relatively homogeneous settlement.