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Talvikangas School


Graphic Concrete Talvikangas School

The stunning artwork for the Talvikangas School’s stairwell entrance “Summer Meadow” (Kesäniitty) combines architecture with the environment.

The artwork is by Samuli Naamanka, Interior Architect and Founder of Graphic Concrete. The inspiration for the art came from Finnish nature. Stylized dandelion flower patterns, which are already in the spherical seed head stage, cover the surfaces of the concrete slabs. Each dandelion balloon is drawn individually and the designer has made this non-repetitive pattern towards an abstract, non-illustrative direction, which, as a wide surface gives a rotating motion effect. You can imagine the individual dandelion seeds flying off in the wind.

The artwork was carried out in Graphic Concrete. 

Architecture: Arkkitehdit M3
Color: Dark
Pattern: Designer's own
Design: Samuli Naamanka
Prefabrication: Rajaville Oy Haukipudas
Address: Tuiskutie 11, 90630 Oulu
Type: Educational Building
Year: 2017
Photos: Mika Friman

Graphic Concrete Talvikangas School
Graphic Concrete Talvikangas School
Graphic Concrete Talvikangas School